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2023 Panels & Speakers


Strategic Adoption & Risk

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Ethics at the Forefront:
Navigating AI's Boundaries  

Explore the ethical implications of AI as industry leaders delve into the delicate balance between progress and responsibility in the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence. 


  • Paul Tyler, Chief Marketing Officer, Nassau Financial Group 


  • Dan Campany, VP Innovation, Head of IoT, The Hartford

  • Kannan Amaresh, Global Head of Insurance, Infosys

  • Christopher Sirota, Product Manager of Emerging Issues and Innovation, Verisk

Human Capital vs AI 


Striking the Balance:
Automation and Personalization with AI 

Discover how to optimize customer experiences as industry leaders discuss the harmonious blend of automation and personalization through the lens of AI-driven innovations. 


  • Shilpa Manaktala, Partner, PwC


  • Beth Maerz, SVP, Customer, Strategy and Innovation, Travelers

  • Andi Campbell, President, WellSpark 

  • Rjat Kaila, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Workplace Solutions Technology, Voya


Innovations in AI

Exploring AI's Transformative Impact 

Join us in unraveling the far-reaching potential of AI in the IFS industry, as leaders delve into how this revolutionary technology is reshaping industries and driving innovation to unprecedented heights. 


  • Naveen Sharma, Global Practice Head, AIA, Cognizant

  • Dan Mbanga, Director of Generative AI Solutions, Google

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