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Chris Michaud

VP, EPAM Continuum

Head of Innovation & Design Consulting

Chris Michaud leads EPAM Continuum’s Innovation & Design team. With more than 20 years of experience driving revenue growth for our clients, Chris and team apply a human-centered lens to focus innovation efforts across a spectrum of industries, helping leading companies better leverage design and technology to bridge the gap between business strategy and market results. Chris also has the practical experience of having built a company from the ground up, served on the boards of several start-ups, and understands the challenges of driving innovation within a large organization, having worked at GE early in his career.

During his career, Chris has been part of award-winning teams who created the world’s first wearable infusion pump (, designed the Centurion Product Experience for American Express, defined LL Bean’s core design principles for the next 100 years, and worked with Fisher Price to define its future offering in a digital world. Looking ahead, Chris and the Innovation & Design team are working with our clients to create new connected experiences in health and medical, transportation, financial services, insurance and in the retail and restaurant industries. 

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