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Marlene Ibsen

President & CEO
Travelers Foundation

Vice President, Community Relations

Marlene M. Ibsen is Chief Executive Officer and President of Travelers Foundation and Vice President of Community Relations for Travelers, a position she has held since November 2007. She manages the company’s charitable giving and is responsible for community-related employee engagement and development activities. Marlene has developed a strategic approach for the company’s philanthropy, designed to align business interests with community needs and asset to help generate Academic & Career Success, Thriving Neighborhoods and Culturally Enriched Communities. 

Prior to her role in Community Relations, Marlene worked in a variety of communications management roles at Travelers, including media relations, internal communications and marketing communications. Before joining Travelers, she worked as a writer/producer and public relations consultant. In addition, she has experience working in communications and fundraising for nonprofit organizations.

Marlene holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in communications and has served on numerous local and national nonprofit organization boards of directors.  

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